Love Quirks is a musical of unconventional devotion exploring the trials and tribulations of love. Four characters, straight and gay, experience the frustrations and perils of dating and relationships in NYC.

One NYC apartment contains four roommates looking for love while trying to move on from past relationships. Chris, a guy who loves baseball and novels begins falling for Steph, a nice, no-nonsense nurse who isn’t interested in love anymore after her divorce. Lili hasn’t given up on her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, an obsessive online dater who has discovered that he no longer likes the opposite sex. Even when love works there’s always room for a musical about Love Quirks.

Love Quirks features a score of quirky, neurotic and poignant songs by prolific composer/ lyricist Seth Bisen-Hersh and a script by Mark Childers filled with laughter, pathos and sexual tension.

Love Quirks had a critically-acclaimed off-off-Broadway workshop run in September 2014 at Shetler Studio’s Theatre 54. A refined, revised of Love Quirks will make its audience debut November 2019. See https://www.broadwayworld.com/industry/article/LOVE-QUiRKS-Returns-To-NYC-For-An-Industry-Reading-Nov-14th-15th-20191017 for more details!