Love Quirks is a new musical fable based on actual events as a group of thirty-somethings explore the trials and tribulations of love, friendship, and all the blurry lines in-between. 

A group of friends and acquaintances from college find themselves in desperate need of a place to stay after being burned by their broken relationships. Circumstance and poor life decisions force them to live in a small New York apartment together, examining their recent failed relationships, dealing with whom they have become, and avoiding the pitfalls of their distant, unrequited pasts. 

Four broken hearts that regret the past and fear the future, but they keep marching into the strange and challenging world of love on the island of Manhattan. What they find is never what they expect, and they must face up to their own Love Quirks to move forward. 

Love Quirks features a score of quirky, neurotic and poignant songs by composer/lyricist Seth Bisen-Hersh and a script by Mark Childers filled with laughter, pathos and sexual tension.