BroadwayWorld Review “With a score that shines and four strong performers each struggling through very different love stories, LOVE QUIRKS is If/Then meets First Date: a new musical for a new generation of a new New York.” 

TalkinBroadway Review “That’s the big thing that Seth Bisen-Hersh (music and lyrics) and Mark Childers (book) get right with their show…they’ve succeeded at telling a story today’s struggling singles probably really need to hear.” 

StageBuddy Review “Within moments the audience is transported; losing themselves in the story and forgetting they are seated in the tiniest of black box theaters… Book writer, Mark Childers, connects immediately and easily to the universal panoply of emotional life that relationships evoke. And he does a wonderful job of elevating the story above clichéd generational references while maintaining a youthful sensibility. Mr. Bisen-Hersh’s songs are funny, touching and come alive in the hands (voices) of four exceptional actors.” 

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